Palace on Wheels

Palace on wheels is one of the worlds most exciting rail journeys. There is no better way of exploring exotic and colorful India than journeying by this luxurious train! ....
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Deccan Odyssey

Also known as Place on Wheels of Maharashtra, Deccan Odyssey is the new addition to the list of luxury trains operating in India. It is ambitious and costliest project of Maharashtra government! ....
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Royal Orient

As the Royal Orient snakes through the green pastures of India, it fills passengers with joy. It affords a unique experience which no other train offers! ....
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Fairy Queen

True to its name, Fairy queen makes the distinction between reality and fantasy blurred. As the fairy queen starts its journey from Delhi to alwar, there is a display of atmospherics-surging steam and charcoal clouds lifting into the sky! ....
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Shivalik Deluxe

Shimla toy train is one of the rare trains that provide fabulous train journey. It has been in operation for more than 100 years. In its long journey journey of over 100 years! ....
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Darjeeling Toy Train

What on earth can match the excitement of a trip to scenic hills and that too on a toy train. If you are really serious about some serious adventure and fun! ....
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