In Goa one can enjoy a harmonious combination of fine beaches and whispering sea breezes. Most of the people come to Goa to watch unique play of sun, sand, and sea. In the early morning when the bright rays of sun make way through the tall palm trees to grace the sandy beaches and meet anxious waves, the whole scene makes one think of the bounties of nature.

When the early morning riot of colors break, the temple and church bells ring to produce unique songs of devotion. The very name of Goa invokes images of deep blue sea, naughty waves, palm trees, whitewashed churches and over-hanging balconies. But very few know that Goa has more to offer. There are also amazing forts and temples in Goa that showcase architectural brilliance.

As the saying goes when it rains in Goa, it pours. Goa in the rains is a sight to behold. Flooded paddies and lush emerald forest cover, cool temperature, hot & spicy food adds to the zest.

Attractions in Goa

What one can do in Goa

One can also enjoy nightlife in Goa and unwind in pubs, bars, discos etc The Portuguese influenced food is mouthwatering. An experience of a full-moon party at Anjuna is invaluable. If you want to experience the real Goan life-style, try the small fishing villages beside the beaches. If you are in the village by night, take a walk and be surprised by the refreshing aroma of the damp earth and the spectacle of the rain-washed palm trees glittering in the moonlight and shimmering ponds of water.

How To Reach Goa

In recent times, the opening up of Konkan railways has made the journey to Goa more comfortable. One can take trains from Delhi, Mumbai, and Bangalore etc. Goa is connected to other parts of the country by railways and roadways. Goa's international airport, which is situated at Dabolim, is 29 km from the capital, Panaji, on the coast near Vasco da Gama. Most domestic airlines operate here apart from the chartered private airlines operating from UK and Germany.

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