Rajasthan Heritage

It seems that nothing has changed in the land of Rajputs known as Rajasthan.It is in Rajasthan where one can experience timelessness and meaninglessness of time ! ....
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Indian Tiger

Tigers belong to the cat family that includes lions, jaguars and leopards. Tiger is the largest of the living cats. There are five types of tigers on earth and Siberian tigers are the largest among all ! ....
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White Water Rafting

River Rafting in Ganges is a lifetime experience! It can change the course of your life as you will realise the hidden potential inside you. Experience and age does not count ! ....
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Taj Mahal, Agra

The fame of Taj has touched to such heights that for many Taj is synonymous with India. To an aspiring traveller, when there is a mention of India, the brochure images of Taj are the ones that first strike the mind. ! ....
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Khajuraho Temples

Creativity knows no limits and this is exemplified by the sculptural art of Khajuraho temples. The art at Khajuraho is the living testament to the freedom of expression in ancient India ! ....
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Kerala Backwaters

The complex network of rivers, streams, lakes and canal interconnected with each other have been given a common term "Kerala Backwaters" ! ....
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India Religion

From times immemorial India has always witnessed onslaught from foreigners. People from different civilization and races have come to India and settled here.! ....
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Indian Food

Indian cuisine is rich in flavour and aroma. Indians use a lot of spices to prepare their dishes. One can enjoy multiple of dishes and food varieties in India as the food habits of people ! ....
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India Jewelry

From the earlier times, Indians have dealt in gems and jewellery. The rich tradition of jewellery has been preserved and carried forward till today ! ....
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India Shopping

When it comes to shopping in India, it is all thrill and excitement. India is a shoppers paradise. Shopping through different bazaars and lanes in various cites is an exciting experience ! ....
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India Clothing

To the foreign traveler, one of the powerful attractions in India is the colorful and diversified attire of its people. India is the only country where there is so much diversity in clothing ! ....
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