It is only and simply INCREDIBLE INDIA as the biggest democracy in the world and also equally vast and diverse in its rich cultures and ancient history. Join the fixed and customized India tour package offered by Budget India Tour, and enjoy the wonderfully rich blend of hospitality that shall indeed leave ever lasting impression on your mind. Budget India Tour shall plan your rendezvous with the subliming zeal of India.

The heritage destinations of the North India are the eminent features of India Tourism that include: Taj Mahal the only monument of love in the world; Khajuraho for the erotica learning; intricate carvings in temples; architecture marvels in Delhi and Rajasthan; unmatched beauties and sky-kissing Himalayan range and peaks of Himachal and Uttranchal; and many more. India Wildlife Tour or Adventure tours are equally very important features of India Visit. India has Asia's best ski slopes at Auli, the sighting of majestic Indian Bengal tiger; Forts and Palaces mostly in your North India Tour; travel by Royal luxury trains; joyrides on camel and elephants are the other fascination enhancers we provide in your India guided tour.

Travel to India to explore the adventure in the Himalayas, the cascading rivers in the valleys, and scores of beautiful and dazzling sea beaches in Goa, Kerala, and many other pristine locales in your South India Tour. Admire the Indian beauty, as the Budget India Tour shall befriend you with the natural charms of India. Unravel the best deal in mystical backwaters cruise and houseboat in Kerala.

Besides, discover the scientifically advanced ancient Indian Religion, Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda Treatments/Wellness Spa (5000 years old system), modern medical advancements offering affordable health care under medical tourism in areas of heart care, dental care, organ transplant, full range of plastic surgery, Lasik eye care, etc. Also there are architectural marvels in monuments, spirituality awakening temples, luscious Indian Food, admirable Indian Jewellery, Indian Shopping, and much more. The Silicon Valley operation of India is second only to the US. When travelling in your Visit India program out of India Tour Itineraries, you move not only across the geographical boundaries but also culturally diverse dimensions!!

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