Somatheeram ayurvedic Resort is a cluster of traditionally styled bungalows amidst the natural splendour. Reminiscent of good olden days, these bungalows showcase Architectural heritage of Kerala- the architecture that is rich and different from Northern architecture.

Perched atop hill and spread across in an area of 15 acres, these bungalows are made of wood and sporting antique. The carved doors and pillars add to the grace of these bungalows.


The bungalows have been categorized as Deluxe, Mini, and Ordinary to suit the tastes of different people. In total, these are 46 in number.

Pentagoon shaped Siddhartha - a spacious living room has extensively decorated bedroom. There are traditional Kerala houses named as Illam, Mana, Tharavadu, Arappura. Each house has 2 bedrooms, one being deluxe with a living room and the other an ordinary room rented separately. Then there are Cottages, special and Ordinary that come handy. Overlooking the sea, Jeeva and Nalukettu are rented separately.

Somatheeran Houseboats

These houseboats offer pleasures of scenic beauty while cruising along the backwaters of Kerala. These houseboats are managed by Somatheeran Beach Resort group.


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